Team Building, Workshops and Team Events

Blinders off, hearts open.

Few formats get as close and direct to the employees as team building and team events do. They activate, connect, inspire and motivate. They create borderline experiences, they challenge and offer encouragement and they open the participants’ awareness for messages and strategies in a very emotional way.

As one of the leading agencies for live communication, we have already implemented a wide variety of team-building events for groups of all sizes at home and abroad. As an individual measure or as part of an overarching format. But rarely “off-the-rack”. The more tailor-made the format, the more precisely messages, brand and goals can be communicated and experienced.

Of course, a standardised visit to a local climbing park with Jochen Schweizer also serves its purpose, but if you are already taking your people out of their everyday professional lives, for one or even several days, then the programme should also take into account the corporate strategies in addition to the shared experience. Tailor-made instead of off-the-rack!